EC Fans For Cabinet Ventilation or Panel Cooling

A totally new series of fan for cabinet ventilation and ideal for applications where energy efficient EC technology is desired. SENSDAR AC Powered EC Series Fans feature improved efficiency and controllability with an electronically commutated (EC), permanent magnet, brushless DC motor. The fans feature a motor speed control capability, allowing the user to exactly match changing performance requirements in an application. Speed control is handled through a simple 0-10VDC control signal to the motor, a 10VDC output is supplied by the EC motor and PWM control signal.

Fan Models & Specifications
280x280x80mm | 11"
Material: Impeller: UL94V-0 PA plastic
Electronic housing: Die-cast Aluminum
Direction of rotation: Counter-clockwise, seen on rotor
– Control Input: 0-10 VDC/PWM
– Output: 10 VDC, max 10mA
– Tach Output
– Over-temperature Protected Electronics / Motor
– Soft start, Motor Current Limit
– Locked Rotor Protection
– Voltage Shortage Detection
– Voltage Overload Protection
– SELV Control Over Connection Safety