EC In-Line Duct Fans

This is a new series of EC mixed flow in-line fan, compact, and featured with easier duct connections on both sides.
The fan is built with cold-rolled steel housing and jet-engine design double impellers and equipped with the cutting-edge brushless EC motor.Thanks to its up-to-date design in the industry, it can work on much lower power consumption and deliver greater air volume and static air pressure.



Main Features


Easier Duct Connection Design with Detachable Bracket

Blade Fire Proofing Grade UL94V-0

Detachable 0%-100% Speed Control(potentiometer) Included /Concealed Switch (Optional)

6-Poles Brushless Motor with Sine Wave

Double Heavy Duty NMB Ball Bearing

Locked Rotor Protection [AUTO-RESTART]; Soft-Start Motor; Over-Voltage Lockout Protection

Customized Feature: PWM/Control by 0-10v/Voltage output/Tacho Output

Max. IP68 Water-proof Level Available


Fan Models & Specifications
Fan Applications & Installation
SENSDAR® manufactures an extensive range of ventilation products, beginning with our industry-first EC mixed flow fan to a wide range of industrial fans. Our products are second to none in quality, reliability, and length of service life and can be installed in a variety of applications, especially popular in the following places.

Residential Garages/Residential Bathrooms/Residential Laundries/Residential Kitchens
Commercial Kitchens/Greenhouses/Hydroponics/Workshops/Warehouses/Public Restrooms
Indoor Swimming Pools
Ventilation / EC Inline Fan Applications
Ventilation / EC Inline Fan Applications