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2 Plants

10+ R&D Stuff

25 Years   Manufacturing

80% Parts

150+ Employees

Since its inception in 1999, Sensdar, rooted in Shenzhen's Pingshan New District, has evolved into a leading figure within the ventilation industry. Renowned for its expertise in crafting EC inline fans, DC, EC axial fans, carbon filters, and various fan accessories, Sensdar has built a reputation for excellence. Its journey from a forward-thinking startup to an international powerhouse is marked by the establishment of two advanced manufacturing facilities and a pioneering marketing and R&D center, collectively spanning approximately 10,000 square meters.

Empowering over 150 skilled professionals equipped with cutting-edge machinery, Sensdar achieves a remarkable production capability of 1 million units monthly, strictly adhering to global quality standards. The company's commitment to quality was formally recognized in 2012 with an ISO9001 certification, further solidifying its stance on meeting and exceeding UL/ETL/SAA/TUV/PSE/GMARK international quality standards.

Sensdar's contributions have significantly impacted various sectors, including fresh air systems, agricultural and industrial ventilation, and catering ventilation, particularly in North America, Australia, and Europe. Its dedication to leading the green ventilation revolution is underscored by a meticulous blend of engineering, sustainable practices, and an unwavering commitment to continuous improvement.

Central to Sensdar's philosophy is a robust commitment to research and development, paired with an ambition to penetrate new markets. By leveraging its significant R&D capabilities, Sensdar aims to provide innovative ventilation solutions tailored to the dynamic needs of its clientele. This forward-thinking approach ensures that Sensdar not only advances the industry but also sets new benchmarks in efficiency, reliability, and sustainability.

In crafting value through innovation and extending its influence, Sensdar is dedicated to enhancing global communities with superior air management technologies. As we look to the future, Sensdar is eager to progress alongside our partners and customers, continually seeking ways to innovate and improve. Together, let's build a brighter, more sustainable future for air management solutions worldwide.


Sensdar, a staple at ventilation expos. Together with our international partners, we advance side by side at regional shows, forging collaborations that breathe new life into the industry.




Air pressure reaches 73mmH2O(716Pa), with a 40m transmission range

Fans ensure uniform air for all plants

IP65 rating safeguards against humidity damage

SENSDAR supports various controls for easy management

EC fans use up to 50% less energy than AC fans, ideal for large projects and eco-sustainability

A Decade of Pioneering EC Motor Innovation 

With over a decade dedicated to the research and development of EC motor PCB design and assembly, Sensdar has established itself as a trailblazer in China by integrating the first EC variable frequency motors into duct fans, heralding a revolutionary phase in frequency conversion and energy-saving technologies.

Rigorous Quality Standards and Exceptional Reliability 

Commencing in 2020, Sensdar has rigorously enforced stringent quality control measures, achieving a fan return rate below 0.3%. Through the continual refinement of its QC management system and the systematic enhancement of supplier qualifications, Sensdar guarantees the utmost in product quality and reliability.

Advanced Silent and Wind Tunnel Labs

Sensdar's facilities are equipped with advanced silent testing rooms and wind tunnel laboratories, positioning the company at the vanguard of global standards. This commitment to innovation and quality ensures Sensdar's solutions are both pioneering and compliant with international benchmarks.

Comprehensive After-Sales Support and Quality Assurance

Sensdar has developed an extensive after-sales service framework, ensuring that any quality concerns are thoroughly investigated and traced to their origin. This robust approach underlines Sensdar's dedication to forging enduring partnerships with clients, emphasizing collaboration and mutual satisfaction in business engagements.


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