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Let's Make a Difference

-Optimized for IP66 WaterProof EC Fans
-Upgrade to Increase Reliability



China Refrigeration Expo, China Hi-Tech Fair, Asia Hemp Expo – See You There!

We eagerly await the opportunity to meet you at our booth in these prestigious events. Sensdar has consistently been at the forefront of innovation, and we're thrilled to share our journey with you.

In recent years, we've received overwhelming support and feedback for our advanced cooling solutions and state-of-the-art technology. Your encouragement fuels our passion for innovation and commitment to excellence.

At these upcoming expos, Sensdar is excited to unveil groundbreaking advancements in cooling technology and introduce dynamic updates to our product range. These exhibitions are more than just events; they are a celebration of progress and a testament to our shared vision for a more efficient and sustainable future in air management.

We believe these expos offer a fantastic platform to strengthen our partnerships, engage in meaningful dialogues, and collaboratively forge the path ahead in the cooling and ventilation sectors.

We can’t wait to connect with you and explore the endless possibilities together.
See You at the Shows – Let’s Innovate and Inspire Together!




Sensdar Wind Tunnel Systems is dedicated to providing accurate airflow data in the realm of aerodynamic testing and analysis.

Before developing each new product, we rigorously calculate all product parameters according to wind tunnel testing standards to ensure the creation of cooling equipment with the highest energy efficiency ratio.

In addition to this, our factory's soundproof testing room and product aging workshop also play a critical role in maintaining stringent quality control for all Sensdar products.




Sensdar has grown to be a leader in the field of high-quality ventilation systems. Our journey began with a focus on motor cooling fans, and today, we are recognized and trusted by customers worldwide for our innovative air handling solutions.

At Sensdar, we prioritize energy efficiency and indoor air quality in every product we design. Our extensive range of products, including EC silenced fans, activated carbon air filters, EC mix flow fans, and advanced fan controllers, demonstrates our commitment to resource-saving technology and bespoke solutions. Our vertically integrated operations ensure complete transparency and a high standard of quality in all we do.

We believe in building strong, equitable partnerships with our clients, fostering relationships based on mutual growth and collaboration. This approach has enabled us to maintain long-standing relationships with many of our customers, who trust us for our reliability and innovative approach.

Our expertise in developing custom thermal solutions and cooling modules for a diverse range of applications showcases our ability to solve ventilation challenges efficiently and cost-effectively. With Sensdar, you can expect cutting-edge technology and a focus on sustainability in every solution we provide.

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